I experienced a journey inside myself and discovered „my Bali”.

To See, feel, touch in and never forget. It wasn’t an ordinary trip, it wasn’t just a vacation like one of many. It was a journey, a long journey deep inside myself. My Bali, completely different than on the pictures from the Internet. Bali smelling of incense and flowers, full of good souls and unexplained magic. Real, but absolutely unusual and mysterious. I take a piece for myself …. forever.

For a long time I knew that I needed to leave, gather my thoughts, rearrange myself. I had no plan, no idea. One day, on one of the websites, I saw an advertisement of a boot camp. Majorca, Thailand, Bali. The decision, although surprising also for me, came quite quickly. I’m going to Bali! Alone. Just like that. Because I need it, I thought. Because it’s the furthest and most exotic. Without a passport, tickets, without an organized place or people that I could know. I booked a week at the camp, picked a random date and had three weeks to leave. I quickly organized work in my new fitness club, bought suitcases and suddenly it turned out that in a moment I would be in the most special place on earth.

Honestly, I wasn’t ready for this. I planned two stages of my travel. The first was the body part. The second was to relax, chill and rest, but as it turned out later, it was a journey deep into the soul, something that surprised me completely and something that cannot be read on any travel portal. I spent the first week in a tourist town, at a training camp, among people from around the world, from different cultures, nationalities. I took part in a dozen or so dozens of trainings. I practiced yoga at sunrise, gave myself a crossfit impression, and rolling a huge tire together, in the heat of 40 degrees, in full sun was both fun and totally exhausting. It was worth to experience it. I will not forget boxing classes, because I released a lot of pain and stress, but I knew that I was waiting for an unusual journey in time, I was going to the holy place, in the heart of the jungle.

When I crossed the threshold of Sebatu, a small village in the middle of the island, I felt something that only someone who was here would understand. Although I would like to describe you these emotions and the beauty of this place, I can’t. You have to feel it all over your skin.

Sunday morning was spectacular. The sun rising among volcanoes had indescribable magic in itself. I wanted to go, follow it, catch all the moments, smells, views and enjoy the power of this place. A morning walk among half rice, where you meet seventy-year-old man smiling with a scythe in his hand, who says „hello” in a friendly way, later on the most beautiful street that you can see in the movies, a woman passes by, carrying a bunch of wood on her head, some 15/20 kilograms, asking  “Where are you from and do you need something?”, you finally look at women who is in total perdition praying at her temple to the trees, vehicles, in shops and on the sidewalks. All this people are thankful for being able to survive this day. Happy because of everything, for the fact that their family can eat a dinner today, that everyone has woken up, that someone has bought other liters of fuel, that it has rained or the sun is shining. There is an aura of mystery everywhere, combined with the sweet scent of flowers, hot chili and the smell of incense getting on throught all your body. And suddenly you think it’s all a dream, and you don’t want to wake up.

Finally you reach the Holy Water. The most important place of all: residents, tourists, believers and ignorants. You go in and something inexplicable happens. You give this place your worries and fears, and you embrace purification, good energy and something that no one can explain. You do not believe? I didn’t believe it either! That is probably why the people who live here are so good. Probably because everyone who gets here, if only opened a heart and mind, does not want to leave.

After more than two weeks it’s time to get back to reality. But it will be a new quality. I take goodness and values ​​from here, I take a part of that power that makes the world more beautiful because we become better and we can take the first step, and each subsequent step, with faith in myself and gratitude that you can survive the next day. Just as Balinese people believe in. I already know that such a picture will always stai in my heart, that I didn’t expect to see it before. Memories of extraordinary people who I was lucky to meet and places that I was lucky to see and feel. „My Bali” will remain in me. Forever.