Women’s Life Camp Bali 2020

First Camp
3.05.2020 – 13.05.2020

Second Camp
16.05.2020 – 26.05.2020


A trip to Bali is a journey of a lifetime. If you are at the moment when you are looking for yourself, you wonder what is important to you, you want to be happy but you do not know how to do it – in Bali you will find the answer. Our camp is a perfect combination of fitness, yoga, meditation, sightseeing and SPA. In a magical town near Ubud, among the same women, surrounded by flowers, the smell of incense and extraordinary people, you will experience something that you need right now. You will discover your Bali. You will find yourself again, you will come back changed, confident and motivated to fight for yourself and your happiness. If you wonder all of that, book now your place at the Bali Life Camp. .


Each of us needs a break from everyday life. A moment for yourself is something you dream about. You want to be in a place where you will have peace, time for reflections. Time only for yourself, for realizing your dreams. You have that option right now – going to the Bali Life Camp – which is in the heart of the island, in a luxury hotel located above a private rice terrace near Ubud. Sebatu (name of the place where is the camp) is full of fragrances, breathtaking views and magic. You can see something special and get into an unique place. Remember – participation in the workshops is limited. Due to the fact that we care about an individual approach, the group is small. You can join alone or with your friend. Single are welcome. Don’t be afraid of coming alone. More or less 60% of our members join our camps single. Become now part of this amazing world, change your life, catch out the best moments because you deserve it!!


  • daily fitness classes (e.g. on the paradise beach
  • yoga at sunrise
  • close contact with an amazing balinese culture
  • balinese dance workshops
  • trips to the best attractions


A luxury 4* resort with swimming pool placed above a private rice tarrace inside of the jungle heart. Single or double rooms. Special yoga and fitness room with an amazing jungle view. SPA and wellness zone. Profesional staff, delightful restaurant with traditional balinese cuisine and fusion option also (vegan and vegetarian option available). A perfect place, prepared specially for you.


Meditation and relaxation

Sun Salutation is an experience of its beneficial effect. It gives more energy than espresso coffee and makes life energy permeate all cells. It warms up the whole body, wakes up the digestive, circulatory and nervous systems. Sun Salutation is an excellent form of meditation in motion.

  • Yoga trainings
  • Meditation classes
  • Profesional belinese yoga teacher
  • The most beautiful places for Yoga

Fitness and Spa

Individual program

The strength of a woman lies in herself – in her charm, willingness to fight and passion. Unleash your feminine strength. A special exercise program that will improve your figure, free your mind and increase your energy:

  • special workout program for all levels (22 classes)
  • special nutrition program
  • profesional trainer Paulina Walczewska
  •  classes at unique places
  • amazing classes with balinese women


Fabulous places in Bali

Vestibule of heaven, paradise on Earth, land of dreams. There are many definitions about Bali, but even the most wonderful words are not able to convey what this beautiful land contains. Get to know the Island of Gods and move for 10 days to another wonderful world. The program includes:

  • training at volcanoes at sunrise
  • the most beautiful Virgin Beac
  • phenomenal rice tarraces
  • coffee plantation trip
  • evening dance show at the royal palace
  • balinese dance workshop
  • time in UBUD
  • trip to waterfalls
  • ceremony in Holy Water
  • trip to temples


Place in a double room

Enjoy company in a double room
1520 $

    Single room

    Enjoy freedom and peace in a single room
    1870 $

      Plane ticket

      Self purchase, the cost depends on the departure city

        About the coach

        My name is Paulina Walczewska, and I am the founder of Women’s Life Camps and fitness club laBonitafit (a place for women in Świdnica, city in Poland). I decided to become a personal trainer and fitness trainer and dance teacher having spent years dancing and doing many other sport activities whole my life. This is my passion. I work with women since more than 7 years. I believe in women’s power so my goals is to help all of them with their journey for beautiful body and healthy mind. I care about my clients, and there’s nothing more important to me than helping somebody go through an experience that makes them happy, confident and strong. I am the specialist of aerobic, bungee fitness, jumping fitness, Tabata workout, Pilates workout, Cirquit Workout, balroom dance and many others. Everyday I show to my clients at the gym that everything is important, that change starts first in their mind, that every woman is amazing and the most important is to start. Hundreds of women work with me every week, so I can truly say – they trust me and my skills. They have amazing results. Thank’s to my trainings they start believing themselves, making many changes which make their lives better. So I created a new 10 days fitness program Women’s Life Camp in Bali, while we train, motivate each other, getting know beautiful balinese culture and start a new beggining. I have also created a special training program. It’a a 4-minute workout that you can do anywhere, you can find it on the LABONITAFIT channel on YouTube. I invite you to my world full of passion, strenght and happyness.


        I discovered „my Bali”.

        I experienced a journey inside myself and discovered “my Bali”. To See, feel, touch in and never forget. It wasn’t an ordinary trip, it wasn’t just a vacation like one of many. It was a journey, a long journey deep inside myself. My Bali, completely different than on the pictures from the Internet. Bali smelling of incense and flowers, full of good souls and unexplained magic. Real, but absolutely unusual and mysterious. I take a piece for myself …. forever

        Book now

        Paulina Walczewska Body&Dance ul. Ofiar Oświęcimskich 15 58-100 Świdnica
        Tel: (+48) 663-597-879